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endeavours to be your ideal partner by keeping an open mind to all aspects of business environments for the best synergy effects to be created between BrandFit and clients.


About Us

BrandFit aspires to propose the best fit marketing strategies and programs for the brand.

Brand + Fit

BrandFit offers customised solutions which includes strategy, planning and execution services for inbound and traditional marketing for Korean companies reaching out to various countries in the world.


BrandFit promises to deliver results that will satisfy individual client's needs.


We aspire to contribute to the world by providing tailored services for our client to be able to communicate their brand values with efficiency.
In BrandFit, we consider client relations based on trust and clear communications to be of the utmost importance.

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Our Services

We propose innovative strategies from professional market research to various BTL marketing and content production so that products and services of Korean food companies can be effectively branded to the local consumption culture and precise target audience in each country. We provide a total solution considering the future direction for further growth.

Celebrity Marketing

셀레브리티 마케팅

Promotions with celebrity chefs (Cooking shows, Tasting events, Recipe creations etc.)

Content Creation

콘텐츠 제작

Social media marketing, content creation, offline promotion materials (Books, brochures, etc.)

BTL Marketing

해외 BTL 마케팅

Overseas promotions, launching events, social media marketing, media relations and promotions, etc.

Exporting Agency

싱가포르 수출 업무

Label and packaging design and production, administrative work for customs and quarantine to Singapore.

Export Consulting

한국 식품기업해외진출 컨설팅

Identifying international buyers, planning relevant trade conferences, seminars and meetings in Singapore.

Our Portfolio


Make Your Own K Feast


Beoseot Bulgogi Mushroom Beef

Presented By:



Make Your Own Maesil Cheong


Green Plum Syrup

Presented By:



King Of Winter Fruits


Premium Korean Strawberries

Presented By:


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Speak To Us!

BrandFit aspires to propose the best fit marketing strategies and programs for the brand.

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